How to Save Cell Phone Pictures to a Flash Drive

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How to Save Cell Phone Pictures to a Flash Drive
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Digital photography has changed the whole face of the game. No more waiting for pictures to develop and now you can manipulate those photos at will. Even better, now you can carry the equivalent of thousands of wallets in your pocket by transferring your images to a flash drive.


Saving Cell Phone Pictures to a Flash Drive

Step 1

Remove the memory storage card from inside your cell phone on which you store images. Insert the card either directly into a computer slot or into an adapter card which then will fit into the slot. Insert a flash drive into the computer open Windows Explorer, and then copy the photos from the phone's memory card to the flash drive.


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Step 2

Connect the USB cable fits your camera to the computer if your camera does not have a memory card access for saving pictures. Insert the flash drive into the computer's memory storage slot. Open Windows Explorer and drag and drop the images from the phone to the memory card.

Step 3

Find out what kind of special connector your camera needs if it does not have a standard USB cable slot. Some cameras need special proprietary cables that are good for use only with the camera. Follow the same instructions as you would for using a USB cable inserting a flash drive, opening Windows Explorer, and dragging and dropping images.



Step 4

Use the camera's Bluetooth or infrared capabilities with a Bluetooth or infrared-enabled computer and transfer the images from the camera to the computer's hard drive. Insert a flash drive and copy the images from the computer's hard drive to the flash drive.

Things You'll Need

  • Flash drive

  • Computer

  • USB cable

  • Specialty cable

  • Bluetooth

  • Infrared capability