How to Save Contacts From Outlook to a Flash Drive

By Angela M. Wheeland

When you want to transfer your Outlook contacts to another computer, you can use a flash drive. A flash drive is a portable storage device that connects to other devices through USB. When you plug the flash drive in a computer's USB port, the computer recognizes the device and allows you to open, view and copy files from the drive to your computer. To save your Outlook contacts to a flash drive, you must export a copy of your address book.

Step 1

Plug your flash drive in an available USB port. Close the "AutoPlay" dialog box if it opens on your screen.

Step 2

Open Microsoft Outlook and click the "File" tab.

Step 3

Click "Options" and click "Advanced."

Step 4

Click "Export" and the Import and Export Wizard appears on your screen.

Step 5

Click "Export to a File" and click "Next."

Step 6

Click "Outlook Data File (.pst)" and click the folder that you want to save.

Step 7

Click "Next" and click "Browse."

Step 8

Click "Computer" from the "Folders" list and click the drive letter of your flash drive.

Step 9

Enter a name for the file in the "File Name" box.

Step 10

Click "OK" and click "Next." Click "Finish" to close the dialog box.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are exporting your contacts to use in a program other than Outlook, click "Comma Separated Values (Windows)" instead of "Outlook Data File (.pst)."

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