How to Save Pictures to a DVD

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Saving photos to a DVD is quite easy.

When it comes to backing up or sharing photos with others, you have many options. You could print out the photos and distribute them, or you could put them on removable media, such as a DVD. Saving pictures to a DVD is a cheap and easy way to back up photos or share photos with family or friends. If you've never saved pictures to a DVD before, then you may be confused as to how to do it. However, saving pictures to a DVD is a very simple and quick process.


Step 1

Right-click on your Desktop and select "New," then "Folder." Name the folder "Pictures."

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Step 2

Navigate to the folder that stores the pictures you want to put on the DVD.


Step 3

Copy all the pictures you want to put on the DVD by right-clicking and selecting "Copy."

Step 4

Right-click the "Pictures" folder on your Desktop and select "Paste" to paste the pictures in the folder. Repeat the previous steps as necessary for additional pictures and folders.


Step 5

Insert a blank DVD into your computer's DVD burner.

Step 6

Click "Burn files to data disc."


Step 7

Type a name for the disc in the "Burn a Disc" dialog box and click "Next." A blank folder for the disc will then appear on screen.


Step 8

Click the "Pictures" folder on your Desktop and drag it into the blank disc folder.

Step 9

Click "Burn Disc" to burn the disc. Wait for the burning process to complete. Once the process is complete, the pictures are saved to the DVD.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank DVD

  • DVD burner