How to Scramble Spying Devices

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Scramblers aren't cheap, but they will mess up bugs.

Spy cameras and audio bugs are more than convenient plot devices in James Bond movies; they're real devices used by private detectives, government agencies, information thieves, and nosy eavesdroppers. Counterintelligence devices make it impossible for you to be recorded by any of these devices. If you know they're there, all you need is a portable scrambler to upset the delicate electronics.


Step 1

Run a sweep of the area with an electronic bug detector. These devices will detect cameras and audio recorders by the signal they put out. If there are cameras or listening devices in the area, the scanner will vibrate or flash red to inform you that you're being recorded.

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Step 2

Set your scrambler next to you and turn it on. The scrambler puts out a tone that's above the range of human hearing, but it does scramble the recording capability of microphones and cameras within range of the signal.



Step 3

Turn off the scrambler when you're finished and leave. Scramblers are portable machines, and they're meant to operate while you're on the move. If you find spy devices in your own home, remove them immediately.




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