How to Screen Shot a Desktop

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Taking a snap shot of your computer's desktop is easier than you may think.

Capturing a screen shot of your desktop is one of the easiest tasks to perform on your PC or Mac. However, for some unknown reason the process of capturing a screen shot of one's desktop is not widely known. The process is so obscure, there are even those who believe one needs special equipment to capture your computer's desktop, when the only thing you need are two fingers and a mouse.


Step 1

Hit the print screen on your keyboard--if you are a PC user--when you wish to capture your PC's desktop. For Mac users press Command-Shift-3.

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Step 2

Open any image editing software of your choice.


Step 3

Press "paste" in the image editing program you have chosen to display a picture of your desktop. From this point, you may wish to save the screen shot as a file for later viewing or edit the picture to create a new picture based on your captured desktop.

Things You'll Need

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • Image editing program