How to Search for a Word in a Word Document

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When working with particularly long Microsoft Word documents, it can be handy to use the application's built-in functions for finding specific words or phrases in the text.


Step 1

Click inside the document, placing the cursor in front of the first word.

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Step 2

Click "Find," located in the Editing group of the Home tab. Alternatively, press "Ctrl-F."


Step 3

Type the word you're searching for in the "Find What" field.

Step 4

Click "Find Next." The application highlights the first instance of the specified word in the document. To find any additional instances of the word, click "Find Next" again. Click "Cancel" to close the "Find and Replace" dialog window and remain on the most recently found instance of the word.


From the "Find and Replace" dialog, clicking the "More" button will allow searching for a word with more specific criteria. For example, checking the "Match Case" check box will return search results that match the casing in the "Find What" field exactly.