How to Search for an eBay Seller

By Aaron Parson

Learn how to search eBay by user ID to find items from a seller, and how to browse a merchant's other listings.

Whether you're looking for more auctions from a favorite merchant or want to pad out a shipment with some extra items, use the Advanced Search page to search eBay by user ID or use See Other Items on a listing page to find what you're looking for.

Search for a User

EBay's Advanced Search Page has a user search to find the seller you're tracking down. To reach this page from most eBay pages, click Advanced near the search button and choose By Seller.

If you know the seller's exact ID, enter it in the search bar and click Search.

Search by user

Or, if you don't know the seller's precise ID, check Show Close and Exact User ID Matches and search for your best guess to see a list of users with similar names.


If you reach a page that says "Your search returned 0 items," that means the user you searched for isn't selling anything at the moment, not that eBay couldn't find the user. If the search fails to find a user, you'll instead see the message "The seller User ID you entered was not found."

User not found


You can't search for eBay members by actual name, only by user ID.

Find More Items from a Seller

If you're already looking at a listing and want to find more items from the same seller, you don't need to use the advanced search page. Just click See Other Items in the Seller Information box near the top of the listing page.

Seller information


Find yourself returning to the same seller time after time? Click Follow This Seller to add a merchant to your Following list. See your whole list of favorite sellers by clicking Sellers You Follow on your My eBay page.

Sellers You Follow link