How to See My Car With the Paint Colors I Want

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Buying a car is a long involved process full of dealer visits, online research, and price negotiation. One the you can be certain about, though, is what color you want your new car to be. You can buy a car with the right look for you by "trying on" different paints with your digital image editing software.


Step 1

Download an image of the car you wish to try to paint on and save it in an easy to find folder on your desktop or laptop computer.

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Step 2

Open your digital photo editing software or digital imaging software. If you do not have such a program there are many comprehensive programs available for free, such as Gimp, and Paint.NET.


Step 3

Under the "File" menu, select "Open..." and select the image of the car that you downloaded. The imaging program will open a new window containing the car image for editing.

Step 4

Use the "Mask" tool in your program to mark any parts of the image that will not be edited. This includes windows, mirrors, wheels, tires and lights. See the documentation for your specific editing software for help using this function.


Step 5

Under the image attributes tab in either the "File" or "Edit" menus, select "Color and Saturation." Move the saturation slider to zero. Click "Apply" or "OK" and the image will be saved in black and white.


Step 6

Open the "Color and Saturation" menu again, and this time move the slider all the way to one hundred. The car will be colored in red usually, depending on where the color slider is located.


Step 7

To change the color of the car, move the color slider back and forth between all the available colors in the palette. When you find a color that you like, click "Apply" or "OK" and save the image to be printed and shown to your local car dealer.




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