How to See the Web History in Gmail

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If you use Gmail, you can take a look at your Google Web History at any time. Google keeps a running history of a Gmail user's search queries when they are logged into Gmail or any Google Account. This information is stored on Google's servers and is tracked regardless of what browser or computer you use. The search engine giant uses the information it gathers about search habits to personalize future search results. Google is not the only Internet company keeping track of online activity. Several companies sell products with the claim of being capable of tracking a Web user's digital fingerprints, according to Peter Eckersley of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an Internet privacy advocate.


Step 1

Sign into Google's Web History page with your Gmail account information. Type "" in your browser's website address field. If you are signed into Gmail already, type your password and click "Sign In."

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Step 2

Examine the page that follows the sign-in process.Two graphs show your hourly and daily search history at the top of the page, followed by each keyword you searched for and the time.


Step 3

Click any of the options in the left menu to see different types of searches you ran. like to see. The default is "All History," but you can filter searches by clicking any of the other options, such as "Web," "Images," "News" or "Maps."


Step 4

Click any check box beside an entry and then click the "Remove Items" button if you no longer want a search saved. To delete all of your searches, click the check box above the search results and then click the "Remove Items" button.



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