How to Send a Greeting Card to Facebook

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Facebook is an online social networking website that allows its users to connect with other users. Facebook members share updates about their lives with each other in the form of status updates, photographs and other means of site-related communication. Facebook offers a wide array of functions such as birthday reminders and event calendars that allow users to keep track of important events in each other's lives. One fun application of this feature is that Facebook users can send each other greeting cards that post personalized messages on each other's walls and pages.


Step 1

Log into your Facebook account.

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Step 2

Visit the Cool Greeting Cards Application home page while logged into Facebook. The page will automatically redirect you to a window that will prompt you to allow the application to access your Facebook account.


Step 3

Follow the simple on-screen instructions to allow the application to access your account. The information it gathers is necessary in order to allow the application to contact your friends and post the greeting cards on their walls.

Step 4

Select the type of greeting you'd like to send by choosing from the drop-down menu next to the "Sort By Category" field on the right side of the screen. Select from common greeting card categories such as "Birthday" and "Love." The table will automatically populate with the available cards for that category.


Step 5

Click the radial button next to the card you wish to send. Each card "costs" a certain amount of free coin credits. You start with 20 "cool coin credits," and the application gives you 10 free coin credits for each additional day you use the service. You can also recommend friends to the application — you get 50 cool card coins each time you recommend a friend. Most cards cost 5 cool coin credits. You can only send as many greetings as your cool coin credits will allow.



Step 6

Scroll down and fill in the name of the friend to whom you'd like to send the card in the "Step 1: Your Friends [sic] Name" field. Facebook will automatically populate the field as you type with the names of your Facebook friends.

Step 7

Type any personal message you'd like to include with the card in the "Step 3: Add Message" field. This step is optional; you can send a greeting card without adding in a message.


Step 8

Choose the music that you would like to accompany the card. Click the drop-down menu under "Step 4: Add Sound" and select the sound from the list. This step is also optional; you don't have to add music to your greeting if you don't want to.

Step 9

Click the privacy level you'd like to give your card. "Public" allows everyone to see the card posted on your friend's wall, including your name and any personal message. "Private" still posts the card to your recipient's wall publicly, but only the recipient of the card will be able to see your name and any message you have written. "Anonymous" posts the card to your recipient's wall, but your name will not be visible to anyone, and only your friend, the recipient, can see any message you included.


Step 10

Click the "Send Your Card" button at the bottom of the screen, and follow any on-screen prompts and instructions to complete sending the card.



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