How to Send a SMS Message to a TracFone With Outlook

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Most cellular phone providers provide a way for users to receive text messages on their cellphones sent from email addresses. An SMS gateway routes the messages from email to SMS and vice versa. TracFone doesn't maintain its own cellular network and instead depends on excess bandwidth the company purchases from other carriers. This means that finding the correct gateway for your Tracfone account isn't simple, but you can follow one method that will reveal your gateway and allow you to use Microsoft Outlook, or any other email client or service, to send messages to your TracFone number.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Outlook and click the "New E-mail" icon in the top-left corner of the window.

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Step 2

Enter your 10-digit TracFone number in the "To" field, followed by "" The complete address might look like ""


Step 3

Use the format from step 2 and add additional addresses to the To field with "," "," "," "," "," "," "" and "" Don't forget to put your TracFone number before the domain address.


Step 4

Click the "Send" button to send the message to all of the addresses. When you receive the message on your TracFone, send a reply message.

Step 5

Open the reply message you receive in Outlook. Look in the message header to find the sender address, which will be enclosed in <> brackets. It will be one of the addresses to which you sent the original message. This is the message you should use for all future messages.


A very common gateway is "," but this depends on your geographic location.