How to Send a Text Message on a Verizon LG Phone

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Sending text messages from your Verizon LG cell phone is one way to keep in contact with friends and family when you don't have enough time for a call. It's also a discreet way to send pertinent information—such as when you need to be picked up from a train station—when it would otherwise be rude to carry on a conversation.


Step 1

Open the phone and click the Menu button. Note the center keypad above the numerical keys can click up, down, left and right.

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Step 2

Click the center keypad left until you see the "Messaging" option.


Step 3

Click "New Msg."

Step 4

Click "TXT Msg."

Step 5

Enter the telephone number of the person (or people) you wish to send the message to. You can also select people from your contact list by clicking "Add" and then clicking "From Contacts." Select the contacts you wish to text by clicking "Mark" and then click "Done" when everyone has been selected.


Step 6

Click down until you are in the "Text" box. Type in the message you wish to send.

Step 7

Click "Send."


Depending on your cell phone plan, you may incur additional charges for sending a text message. Likewise, the person you send the text message to may incur additional charges, depending on her cell phone plan. Some cell phones are unable to receive text messages. Check with the person you wish to text because you can be charged a fee regardless if the message goes through or not.