How to Send an MP3 Via SMS

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When you send an sms text message from your cellphone to another cellphone, often there's no option to add an attachment. If there is, simply attach your MP3 to your text message and send it. If not, you can still send the MP3 as a text message, but in an email. All service providers offer a free gateway address that will allow you to send an email as an sms text message. You just need to know the gateway address to the phone you're sending your message to.


Step 1

Open your Internet browser on your computer and log in to your email.

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Step 2

Compose a new message and attach an MP3 file to it. In order to attach a file, you click on the paperclip (this is the attach icon), and double-click on the files you want to attach. You can attach more than one file, but your attachments aren't unlimited. The number of files you can attach depends on the size of each file. Your email will only support so much attachment space.


Step 3

Send the message to a cellphone. To send the email as an sms, you have to send the message to the cellphone's gateway address. Your service provider offers a gateway address for free. Consult your user's manual to find your gateway address. All phones require you to enter the phone number you're sending the message to, and then the gateway address. For example, to send to a Verizon phone, you would send your email to (10-digit phone number) Sprint is (10-digit phone number) and Alltel is (10-digit phone number) The link in the "References" section lists all the major gateway addresses.


Step 4

Open the message on your cell phone and download the attachment. Your MP3 will now be saved to your cell phone.




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