How to Send Music From Windows Media Player to Bluetooth

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Music lovers can use Bluetooth to send music from Windows Media Player to their cell phone.

Many people just can't live without music. Most music lovers have a huge collection of songs downloaded on their computers. Windows Media Player provides a simple interface to organize and listen to your downloaded music. Many music lovers like to have their favorite songs stored on their cell phones as well. Bluetooth is a great technology which enables you to transfer data without using any cables. You can easily send music from Windows Media Player to a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.


Step 1

Turn on the internal Bluetooth support in your PC. You can also use a USB Bluetooth dongle for this purpose.

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Step 2

Turn on your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

Step 3

Go to the option "Settings" from the menu on your cell phone to turn on the Bluetooth support. In some mobile sets, this is done through the "Connectivity" option.


Step 4

Put your cell phone near your PC to enable them to detect each other very easily. The name of the computer will be shown in the cell phone and vice versa.

Step 5

Select the Windows Media Player file on your computer that you want to send to your cell phone.


Step 6

Right-click on the selected file. A drop-down menu is shown.


Step 7

Select the option "Send To" from the drop-down menu.

Step 8

Choose the option "to Bluetooth Device." A list will drop down displaying all the nearby Bluetooth devices.


Step 9

Select the name of your cell phone. The music file starts transferring to your cell phone. A pop-up appears showing the progress bar of the file download. After completion of the download, a message will show that the download has completed successfully.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth-enabled cell phone

  • Computer with Bluetooth support

  • Windows Media Player


Make sure that both the computer and cell phone are Bluetooth enabled. If Bluetooth is not enabled in the computer, you may not be able to transfer files to your cell phone. Keep the cell phone close to the computer so that it can easily detect it. Make sure that your cell phone supports the Windows Media Player files.



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