How to Send Music to a Phone Via Bluetooth

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Bluetooth is a type of technology found in electronics that allows you to send and receive signals and files wirelessly. Most commonly used in cell phone headsets, many people also use Bluetooth to transfer data. There is no set protocol for all devices, so instructions for use vary from one device to another. Check out the following loose guidelines for sending music from one Bluetooth phone to another, or from a Bluetooth-enabled computer to phone.


Step 1

Verify that Bluetooth is turned on or enabled in both your devices. Most cell phones will have a Bluetooth menu in their Settings or Tools. For computers, you may see a Bluetooth icon in your system tray. If unsure, check your product manual for specific instructions.

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Step 2

Follow the instructions to pair (connect) your two devices. If you are asked for a passkey, try entering 0000 which is usually the default for any device.

Step 3

When prompted on the other device, give permission for the original device to access it.


Step 4

Navigate to the song you want to send and hit the button that takes you to the options menu. Choose the option to send your song; depending on the brand of phone it may say "Send" or "Move."

Step 5

The next menu should ask if you want to use a text message or Bluetooth to move or send the file. Choose Bluetooth.

Step 6

When prompted on the phone receiving the file, accept it.


Step 7

Look for an option to browse the contents of the phone. Navigate to the Music or Multimedia folder on your phone.

Step 8

Navigate to the place on your computer where your music file is kept in a separate window.

Step 9

Drag the file from its original location to the correct folder on your phone.

Step 10

Accept the file when prompted by your phone.


Pairing is usually the most difficult part of the process. Make sure you read your manual on both devices if it isn't working for you.

If you don't see the menu to move or send your music, your phone manufacturer may not allow it. Check your manual or with your carrier's tech support website.

This process usually applies to MP3s and not ringtones.