How to send SMS Email Messages to Straight Talk Phones

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Straight talk is a popular prepaid cell phone service plan available through Wal-Mart that is backed by TracFone. Wal-Mart's Straight Talk previously operated solely on the Verizon network, but in 2010, Straight Talk added the AT&T network to its plan. If Wal-Mart decides to add additional carriers to its network in the future, it will be good to know how to send a message to any Straight Talk phone no matter who the network carrier is.


Step 1

Determine the cell phone service provider that is servicing the Straight Talk customer you're sending the email message to. Whether it's Verizon, AT&T or any other service provider, all you have to do is take the 10-digit phone number and go to FoneFinder ( Once you're there, insert the area code and phone number in the space provided and click "Search by Number." FoneFinder will provide you with the name of the network that services the 10-digit wireless number.


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Step 2

Learn the network provider's SMS format. Each cell phone network provider has its own format for sending email messages to wireless phones. The format is usually in the format. For an extensive listing of all cell phone providers' e-mail formats, visit for an alphabetical list of SMS addresses by cell phone service provider. (See Resources.)


Step 3

Insert the phone number and network provider's email address format. Once you have the appropriate format, all you need to do is type in the phone number of the Straight Talk customer you're sending the email to, followed by the appropriate network provider's address. It would look something like this if your Straight Talk recipient were on the Verizon network:


Step 4

Send the SMS email message. Make sure to keep the message to your Straight Talk recipient short. SMS stands for short message service and cannot consist of more than 160 characters. Although the newer phones have larger screens for reading messages, anything more than 160 characters will be truncated.


Ask your Straight Talk recipient to confirm receipt of the message.