How to Set the Sound Leveler on a Panasonic Plasma TV

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Some Panasonic plasma TV models have an audio leveler feature that adjusts the audio level of the television when you switch channels. The television will automatically determine if the audio level on the channel you switch to is higher or lower than your current level and lower or raise the volume to compensate. The audio leveler ensures that the volume remains at a comfortable level as you channel-surf.


Step 1

Press the "Vol +" or "Vol -" button on the remote control to adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

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Step 2

Change to a different channel with a volume output that is higher or lower than the level you set.


Step 3

Press the "Menu" button to open the main menu.

Step 4

Push the "down-arrow" button to highlight "Audio" and then press "OK."

Step 5

Press the "down-arrow" button to highlight "Audio Leveler."



Step 6

Push the "left-arrow" button to lower the volume and the "right-arrow" button to raise the volume until it reaches a comfortable level.

Step 7

Press the "Exit" button to exit the menu and return to watching television.




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