How to Set Up a Gmail Account

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Gmail, Google's email service, can do more than simply send email. For example, it also allows you to chat with your contacts via text messaging. It even offers a way for you to make voice and video calls to contacts or to phone numbers. Before you can begin using any of these features, however, you must set up your own Gmail account. In Gmail's early days, you needed an invitation to begin using its services. This is no longer true; you can simply sign up.

Step 1

Direct your web browser to Gmail (See Resources).

Step 2

Click the "Create an account" button located under the sign in section on the right side of the page.

Step 3

Fill out the necessary information in the page that opens. This includes your name, your desired log-in name, your desired password, a security question and answer, your location and your birthday.

Step 4

Type the verification words into the appropriate box. Click "I accept. Create my account." This creates your new Gmail account.

Step 5

Click the "Show me my account" button to go to your Gmail inbox.