How to Set up Comcast Email in Outlook

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How to Set up Comcast Email in Outlook. Microsoft Outlook first appeared as an MS-DOS-compatible program. Other early versions of Outlook worked with Windows 3.x and Macintosh. Today, Outlook helps millions of people send, receive, read and organize email from around the world. Within a few minutes, you can set up your Comcast email in Outlook to communicate with anyone with an email account.


Step 1

Open the Outlook program on your computer by clicking the icon on your desktop or from the list of programs on the start menu. On a Mac, find Outlook under the applications in "Finder."

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Step 2

Select the "Tools" menu at the top of the window by clicking "Tools."


Step 3

Open your email account options by clicking "Email Accounts."

Step 4

Start the process to set up the new account by clicking "Add a new email account" and click "Next" or hit the "enter" key on the keyboard.


Step 5

Choose the type of email Comcast uses (POP3) and click "Next."

Step 6

Type in your information in the box asking for your name. The way your name is represented in this box will be the way your name is presented to everyone.


Step 7

Add your email address in the field beside "Email Address" such as Replace "yourname" with your unique user name.

Step 8

Specify your "Server Information" which tells the email program where to go to find your account. Beside "Incoming mail server," choose POP3 from the drop-down menu and type "" in the box. For the "Outgoing mail server," choose SMTP and type "" in the corresponding box.


Step 9

Provide your account information so the program knows whose email to find. Add your user name in the box beside "User Name" and your unique password in the box beside "Password."

Step 10

Make checking your email simple by selecting the check box next to "Remember password." Provide more security to your email by leaving the box blank beside "Remember password." Leaving the box blank will require you to enter your password every time you check your email.


Step 11

Make sure your account is functioning properly by clicking the "Test Account Settings" button. Outlook will contact your account using the settings you provided to make sure proper communication occurs with your email account.

Step 12

Name your email account in Outlook by clicking the "More Settings" button. Click the "General" tab and type the name of your account, such as Billie Joe's Comcast, in the space provided under "Mail Account."

Step 13

End the set up process by clicking "OK," clicking "Next" and clicking "Finish."


Send out an email to people notifying them of your new email account.


Don't place a check mark in the box next to "Log on using Secure Password Authentication."