How to Set up Email on an Android

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Android has native support for Gmail and integrates with all Google services.
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Android 4.4 and earlier versions sync all your email accounts with the Email app or with separate apps for each account. Set up an email account by signing in to an app such as Yahoo Mail or or by entering your email address in Android's Accounts menu.


Managing Email Accounts

All Android devices come with the Gmail app, and Android prompts you to sign in to Gmail or create an account the first time you turn on your phone. The Accounts section in the Settings menu has an option to set up additional Gmail accounts or other email accounts using your providers' incoming and outgoing server settings. You don't need to know these settings to set up a Gmail account or to sign in to an email provider's Android app, just as you don't need them to sign in to your account in a Web browser. You only need these server addresses and port numbers -- available from your email provider's website -- to route mail from accounts other than Gmail to the Email app's inbox.


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Receiving Email From Several Accounts

The native Email app doesn't come with all devices, but it's available free in the Play Store. It works like desktop email clients, such as Outlook and Thunderbird, that receive email from several accounts in one inbox. Alternatively, dedicated email apps, such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook, keep your email inboxes separate and don't require server addresses, port numbers or any additional setup. Of these apps, Gmail is unique in that it receives mail from each Gmail account added to the Accounts menu in Settings. To switch inboxes in Gmail, swipe from the left side of the screen and select an account.