How to Set Up the Parental Controls on Your Computer

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Windows 7 includes parental controls to customize as needed. The parental controls let you set time limits, control access to games and other programs. Several options exist to manage parental controls for Internet surfing. The one you choose depends on the installed Web browsers and the browser you plan to let your children use. Remember to create a standard user account for your children with any of these solutions. If you give them an administrative account they can bypass any programs or restrictions.


Step 1

Search for "Set up parental controls for any user" in the Start menu search box. Click the item that appears and follow the prompts to enable controls for your child's user account. This lets you set time limits on computer use, specify an age level for games and block all programs but the ones you specifically enable.


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Step 2

Download Windows Live Family Safety for Web management. The Family Safety program lets you lock the "SafeSearch" feature to on for Bing, Google and Yahoo, preventing your children from seeing inappropriate results. By default the program doesn't block websites, but you can enable stricter settings as needed. It works with parental controls in Windows or on its own.


Step 3

Download and install a third-party parental control program such as Verity Parental Control. NHC provides Verity free of cost at the time of publication. It includes full controls from programs and access time to blocking websites and tracking activity.


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