How to Set Up WOW! E-Mail

By Chris Miksen

Wow! is a high-speed Internet service provider that provides cable Internet to certain areas of the United States. As with most Internet providers, you can setup a Wow! email account by using an installed email client. Setting up a Wow! email is generally the same on all email clients, because you need to enter the same information regardless of which client you're using.

Step 1

Open your desired email client application. Navigate to the "Add new account" button. Most email programs have an "Add" or "Add new account" button in the "Mail" section of the program. Consult your program's Readme file or instruction manual for how to access the "Add new account" feature.

Step 2

Select "POP3" as the type of email server.

Step 3

Enter your desired "Display name" in the provided box and click "Next." Your display name will appear next to the emails you send.

Step 4

Enter your email address in the "Email address" text box, in the form of "," and replace "yourname" with the username you created when you setup your Wow! Internet account.

Step 5

Enter "" next to "Incoming mail POP3." Enter "" next to "Outgoing mail SMTP." These are your incoming and outgoing mail settings.

Step 6

Enter your Wow! Internet account name and password and click "Next." Click "Finish" to finalize the email setup. You can now receive and send emails using your Wow! email account.

Tips & Warnings

  • The exact wording of the steps will vary depending on which email client you use. For example, the display name, email address and incoming and outgoing email settings may all appear in the same window for some email clients, while you may need to select the type of email server after you enter your email address for other email clients.