How to Set Up WOW! E-Mail

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How to Set Up WOW! E-Mail
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If you have internet service from Wide Open West, or WOW, you can get up to five WOW email addresses with your account on the company's WowWay email domain. Set these up when you activate your account or contact WOW customer service for help setting up your addresses. Once your addresses are activated, you can configure your computer or smartphone to access the accounts or connect to them through your browser.

Understanding WOW Email

Wide Open West, or WOW, is a cable, phone and internet provider with service in various places around the United States. Any WOW internet customer can get up to five email accounts included with the cable account, each with up to a gigabyte in email storage. If you have a WOW business account rather than a home internet account, there is a separate process for help setting up and configuring your email.

As with other email accounts, you access your WOW email through the WOW website or by using an email program on your computer or smartphone. You can get the details of how to configure your devices to access your email account through the WOW website or by calling customer service.

Keep in mind that if you don't use your WOW email account for more than three months, it may be deleted, according to the company.

Setting Up WOW Email

You can set up an email program on your phone or computer to access your WOW email accounts. Enter your email address and password when you're prompted to do so. If you're not sure what your username and password are, contact WOW customer service for help.

Configure your incoming and outgoing email server to Indicate that the server requires authentication to send email and disable secure socket layer and secure password authentication settings. Set the outgoing mail port to port 587.

You can use either the POP or IMAP email protocols to connect to WOW, depending on what your system supports. IMAP is a newer, more flexible service that allows you to keep your email on the mail server and access it from multiple devices, so you'll likely want to choose IMAP unless your system doesn't support it. If you're using IMAP, set the incoming mail server port to port 143. For POP, use port 110.

WOW also offers detailed instructions for setting up your account with a variety of popular email programs, including Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. Check the WOW site to see if there are instructions for your preferred app. If you prefer, you can also access your email through the WOW webmail client. Contact WOW technical support if you experience any difficulties.

Using Other Email With WOW

Note that you can also use your WOW account to connect to other email providers, including webmail services such as Microsoft's Outlook, Google's Gmail, Yahoo Mail or another email service you're provided through your employer or school. In the latter case, work with the company or institution that issued the account for information on how to connect and what sorts of server settings you should use. Usually, your choice of internet provider won't affect how you connect to third-party mail services.

If you're having trouble connecting to your email or other services through WOW, and the services don't appear to be down, contact WOW to see if there is a problem with your internet connection. You can also troubleshoot your connection by restarting your modem and router and seeing if all sites and apps, or only some sites, are inaccessible.