How to Splice Cat6

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Save time by splicing CAT6 infrastructure cable rather than pulling new cable.

CAT6 cable is designed to support the demands of gigabit network speeds. As such, it is a common cable choice for high speed network infrastructure. When network infrastructure connections must be moved in response to building or organizational changes, a simple cable splice may save time and the cost of pulling new cables. Connect two existing CAT6 cables together using common network cable components.


Step 1

Cut both cables that you wish to splice together at a location in which the cables are close enough to connect.

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Step 2

Use the wire stripping tool to cut off one inch of the protective plastic covering from the end of one of the CAT6 cables. Separate and straighten one-half inch of each twisted pair of wires. Repeat this step for the end of the other cable.

Step 3

Slide the straightened wire strands into an RJ45 CAT6 connector according to the pinout below. Ensure that the pins are counted from left to right with the connector tab down and the socket towards you:

Pin 1 White/Green wire Pin 2 Green wire Pin 3 White/Orange wire Pin 4 Blue wire Pin 5 White/Blue wire Pin 6 Orange wire Pin 7 White/Brown wire Pin 8 Brown wire



Repeat this step for the end of the other cable.

Step 4

Press the wires into the RJ45 connector so that the wire ends contact the inside end of the connector and the protective plastic sheath is pushed inside the connector up to the wire slots. Place the connector with the wires inside into the RJ45 crimping tool, and then press the RJ45 connector pins into the wires by squeezing the handle of the RJ45 crimping tool. Repeat this step for the end of the other cable.

Step 5

Plug the newly-attached connectors into the CAT6 eight pin coupler. The splice is now complete.

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