How to Splice Two USB Cables Together

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USB cables can be cut and spliced together to create a longer or even a shorter cable depending on your needs. Splicing two USB cables can create a special-purpose cable that can save you from having to find and purchase one. To splice two USB cables, you need to cut the ends off that will not be used and then connect the remaining sections. The spliced cable can transfer data and charge devices.


Step 1

Cut the ends of the two sections of USB cable to splice with a pair of scissors. Cutting the ends off will give you a clean end to work with.


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Step 2

Place 1 ½ inch piece of heat-shrink tubing over one side section of cable. The tubing will be used to cover the spice at the end of the project.


Step 3

Remove 1 inch of the outer cover from the ends of the two sections of USB cable with the utility knife. This will expose the four smaller wires that are inside.


Step 4

Remove 1/2 inch of insulation at the end of each small wire, from each section of cable, with the utility knife.



Step 5

Twist each of the wires with matching colors together to create a splice.


Step 6

Wrap a small piece of electrical tape around each of the small wires to cover the splice.


Step 7

Move the piece of heat-shrink tubing over the splice.


Step 8

Turn the hair dryer on low and run it over the heat-shrink tubing until it shrinks around the cable.

Things You'll Need

  • Utility knife

  • Scissors

  • Electrical tape

  • Heat-shrink tubing

  • Hair dryer


Small pieces of heat-shrink tubing can be used to cover the splices on the small wires instead of using electrical tape.


Be careful when removing the outer covering of the sections of USB cable so you do not cut any of the small wires underneath.



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