How to Start a Film Blog

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Start a Film Blog

If you want to start a film blog, maybe you already understand the basics of writing film reviews. But how can you start a successful film blog when you need, on average, three to four postings a week? That is plenty of movie reviews taking up your time. There are ways around this, way to save time and actually make money online by writing film reviews and studies. To start a film blog all you need is an opinion. Basic English helps. Certainly and understanding of what’s popular can help. Worry not, this guide will walk you through all the steps, and teach you how to make money online with a film blog. You’ll have fun too.


Step 1

Begin with the blog. First off, you need to register a blog somewhere. One popular site is Blogspot, which has been improving over the past years, and offers some of the best design templates around. For ease of use it is one of the best.

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Step 2

Choose a theme. The next step is to plan out exactly what you will be saying on the blog. For example, will you review all films or only a certain genre? For one, there are hundreds of blogs focused on genre films, the most popular being the horror film. You should consider more than one film genre to explore. You never know: your tastes may change down the line and you will get sick of writing horror film reviews. But you need to know what to write too.


Step 3

Write different pieces. Don’t just write film reviews. If you do that, unless you have no career, it will be far too time consuming. A good blog article is 50 to 300 words on average. Try to keep your posts no more than 250. Readers don’t mind longer posts, but this will help you. Remember you need at least three posts a week. So if you write a film review that pushes 600 words, you are in luck, as you can turn this into a full weeks worth of posting. Don't just write film reviews. Most of us will miss movies some weeks, maybe don’t want to write a review, or just cannot write a huge review in the first place. So what you do is write some general, keyword oriented articles. Can you write a short article on one of your favorite directors? Can you write a piece on a certain theme in films? Can you write a top ten list of fantasy films, horror films, or maybe foreign films? This should be easy if you are a film fan. The longer it is, the better, but no need to make huge pieces—just write what you can.


Step 4

Advertise your blog. Where are you currently reading film reviews? Are they in a local paper or on a website? You may be able to get film reviews published on other sites. Or you can exchange links with websites or bloggers by writing posts for them. On the Internet, if you want to make money you need to keep the content rolling in. So many small sites will be more than interested in publishing your film review in exchange for a short paragraph plugging your blog.


Step 5

Make money. Can you make money doing all this? Yes, you certainly can. And you might even be able to see free movies whenever you want. But the blogging advertising world is growing. One easy way to make some spare change is to sign up with Amazon Associates, and sell DVDs through the site for a small commission. If your blog gets a steady readership, you will be able to start doing paid posting on the site for some extra income. Who knows, it could turn into a career.

Things You'll Need

  • Films to study

  • Time to invest into a blog


Make sure you keep the topics of your film blog fun for you. If you get sick of doing it, the blog will become boring to you. <br>Keep it entertaining for your reader too, not posting dozens of paid posts a week.


Most commission services out there won’t pay you well. Adsense, as one example, usually only works when you have a good number of readers, meaning thousands a week.