How to Stop Blank Pages Printing With Every Printed Page

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Getting rid of that annoying extra sheet should be a piece of cake.

Printer problems can be a real hassle. From time to time, due to document layout or settings on your computer, in your software of choice, or even on your printer, a blank page may get "printed" with the rest of your document. Fortunately, this issue is a simple one to troubleshoot.


Step 1

Click "Print Preview" when you are finished with your document and ready to print.

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Step 2

Observe your document. If you see an extra, blank page, you have created a second page. To delete the second page, close Print Preview, go back into the document and eliminate any blank lines in your documents that you may not need.


You may also find an inadvertent page break at the end of your document. Place your cursor on its symbol and delete it. Locate the symbol by clicking on the Show Formatting paragraph icon in the toolbar.

Step 3

Circumvent this "ghost page" if you do not see a second (or additional) blank page in Print Preview.



Step 4

Specify the number of pages you wish to print, within the Print dialogue box. This is typically done by selecting the "Print From" option, then entering the page numbers desired. If your document happens to be ten pages (without, of course, that final blank page), then enter in the "Print From" field the numbers "1-10". This will print only pages 1 through 10, without an eleventh (blank) page.



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