How to Switch Inputs on a Panasonic Plasma

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Switch between different video inputs on your TV.

Modern TVs offer numerous video and audio connection options that make it easy to connect multiple devices to a single TV. Leaving all devices connected at the same time allows a user to easily switch between each device with the help of an input selection control. If you are not sure how to switch between inputs on your Panasonic plasma TV, follow a few simple steps that can be easily applied to any brand or type of TV.


Step 1

Use the input selection button on your remote control. How this button is labeled varies heavily, depending on your specific model of Panasonic plasma TV. Look for a button labeled "input," "source," "input select," "source select," "source list," "TV/video," or "TV/AV." You may alternatively have a separate button for each input across the top of the remote.


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Step 2

Use the input selection button on the side of the TV itself if you cannot find the input selection button on the remote control. Look for a button labeled as one of the terms described in Step 1.

Step 3

Contact Panasonic. In the event that neither of the above options allow you to switch between video inputs, the only remaining option is to contact Panasonic and have them inform you how to switch between video inputs.