How to Switch Phone Numbers in the Safelink TracFones

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Contact TracFone to switch your Safelink phone number.

Safelink is a government-sponsored program that provides low-income participants with a free cell phone and monthly minutes. The phones are distributed through TracFone and are limited to one per family. If you want to switch your Safelink TracFone number, you can do so by contacting a TracFone customer service department and having a representative deactivate your current SIM card.


Step 1

Contact TracFone at 800-867-7183 and follow the prompts to speak with a customer service representative.

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Step 2

Inform the representative of your intent to change your Safelink phone number.


Step 3

Ask the representative to save the remaining minutes that you have on your phone to a queue, which they will create for you. Write down your queue number when prompted to do so.

Step 4

Wait for the representative to deactivate your current SIM card, which will prevent you from using your Safelink phone.


Step 5

Wait for a new SIM card to arrive by mail. Remove the old SIM from your phone and insert the new card in SIM card slot. Power on your phone and follow the prompts to reactivate the device.


Step 6

Contact TracFone customer service department again and inform the representative of your intent to transfer your airtime minutes back onto your phone.


Step 7

Provide the representative with the queue number that you were provided with by the previous representative, so she can access your account and add the funding back to your Safelink account.

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