How to Take Apart and Put Together an OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone

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With OtterBox, your iPhone can withstand just about any kind of punishment.

OtterBox iPhone Defender cases provide an incredibly high level of protection for your iPhone. OtterBox cases feature three levels of protection: a screen cover, a hard plastic shell that wraps around the body of your iPhone, and a rubber shell that wraps around the hard plastic shell. A Defender case is an effective means of keeping your iPhone out of harm's way.The only downside is that although these cases are easy to put on your iPhone, they can be a bear to remove.

Put OtterBox on iPhone

Step 1

Clean your iPhone with a soft, silk cloth. Also use the cloth to clean and dust off the screen on the plastic shell of the OtterBox.

Step 2

Set your iPhone inside of the lip on the bottom of the plastic OtterBox shell. The lip on the bottom of the plastic OtterBox shell will also have two holes at the bottom that line up with the speakers on the bottom of the iPhone.

Step 3

Slide the bottom part of the other section of the plastic shell onto the upper part of the lip. Press the shell into place so that the seven points where the shell snaps into place are locked in.

Step 4

Wrap the rubber shell around the plastic shell you just snapped on. Fit the little rubber pieces on the sides into their respective holes in the plastic shell. Make sure the rubber bump for the power button is situated correctly.

Remove OtterBox from iPhone

Step 1

Pull each of the rubber nubs connected to the plastic shell surrounding your iPhone out very carefully so you don't tear them off. Gently position your fingernails under the rubber skin and start to separate it from the plastic shell. Work your fingers around to either the top or the bottom of your iPhone so you can lift up on the rubber shell and pull it over either the top or bottom of your iPhone and remove it completely.

Step 2

Wedge a butter knife or a letter opener beneath the top left plastic case connector. Place one of your fingernails or a butter knife or a letter opener under the plastic case connector on the top of the iPhone. Gently start to pull the connectors away from the phone. The connectors will eventually become disconnected, and you will be able to loosen the other connectors more easily. Eventually you will be able to remove the part of the plastic case without the lip.

Step 3

Remove your iPhone from the lip of the plastic case that is holding it.

Things You'll Need

  • OtterBox case

  • iPhone


An OtterBox will protect against almost anything--except water.

Be very careful removing the rubber sleeve and prying apart the plastic parts. Although they are highly durable, if you snap them the plastic sleeve will not hold together as well, and your iPhone will start to wobble around inside the case.