How to Tell If You Have HDMI Out or HDMI in

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Connect your audio and video equipment to your HDTV.

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is the standard audio-video interface for high-definition media. It allows any audio/video source to be used on an HD monitor such as a digital television set. The connection is made with an HDMI cable from a DVD player, video game, cable box or other device into an HDMI port on a monitor or television. You simply need to be able to identify where the HDMI out port on the audio/video device is and where the HDMI in port is on the television or monitor.


Step 1

Turn the television to see the connection ports on the side or at the rear of the device.

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Step 2

Look for the letters "HDMI," indicating a series of ports.

Step 3

Note that the "HDMI in" ports will be labeled "In" or may be designated by labels such as "Input 1" or "Input A." The "HDMI out" ports will be labeled "Out" or designated with labels like "Output 1" or "Output A."


Step 4

Repeat for any audio or video components you want to connect to the television.




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