How to Tell If You Have Microphones & Webcam on Your Laptop

By Greyson Ferguson

Most new laptop computers now come with a built-in microphone and webcam. This allows you to communicate to other individuals over an Internet connection via video conference. However, before you set up any conference appointments, make sure you already have a microphone and webcam installed on the computer. If you don't, you are forced to purchase an externally installed camera and microphone.

Step 1

Look on the top of your laptop screen. There is typically a small lens opening. This is where the webcam is installed (if you have one in the system).

Step 2

Click "Start," "Control Panel" and choose "System." A small window appears on your screen with all of your computer information (including hardware installed on the computer).

Step 3

Select "Hardware" and click "Device Manager." A new window loads, displaying all of the drivers you have installed for hardware running on the computer. Click "Other Devices." The webcam and microphone information is displayed here, if you have any installed on the laptop.

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