How to Text a 6 Digit Number on Cell Phones

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Smart phones and regular phones send texts.

As the popularity of text messaging rises, it is common to see advertisements or contests where you can text a word or phrase to a short, six-digit number. These short numbers, also known as common short codes, operate in the same way as a regular phone number when you send a text to it. Texting a short code involves the same process as texting a regular number.


Step 1

Select the "Menu" from the cell phone's stand-by screen. There is usually a small button under the word "Menu" on the screen, which is the one you should press. On a Blackberry, the menu button is the one near the trackball with the Blackberry symbol.

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Step 2

Select "Messages" from the menu.


Step 3

Select "Compose New" or "New Message."

Step 4

Enter the six-digit number in the "To" box.


Step 5

Enter the text message in the box underneath the recipient phone number.

Step 6

Press "Send."

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