How to Track a Mobile Phone Without the User Knowing

Secretly tracking a mobile phone is possible with the right software tools.

You may want to track a mobile phone without the user knowing, if he is a family member or an employee, so that you can keep tabs on his whereabouts. Most cell phone GPS programs will keep you from doing this, as they will notify the mobile phone user when he is being tracked. However there are a handful of spy software programs that will enable you to track a smartphone without anybody knowing. Bear in mind that it is OK to track cell phones that you own, but tracking a cell phone that you don't own is illegal in most states.

Step 1

Purchase a software that will allow you to track the mobile phone. Several spy softwares such as Flexispy, MobileSpy and EStealth, will allow you to do this. As of 2010 these programs range in price from $49 to $250. Not only will they give you the GPS coordinates of the phone, but will also allow you to read text messages and see cell phone call logs.

Step 2

Download Flexispy. This software allows you to listen to phone calls, record text messages and control the phone of your children or your spouse from a remote location. It also obtains the phone's GPS-based location and maintains a log of all the phone's activities. These details can be accessed through the user control panel on the software website. The software price depends on the price plan chosen, and ranges between $100 to $250. The least expensive plans, though more limited in features, will still allow you to control the phone's SMS activity and log details; however, it does not include spying on phone call conversations.

Step 3

Get MobileSpy. Once installed, MobileSpy allows you to monitor text messaging, log details of text messages, calls and GPS locations at a fixed interval of 30 minutes. This program does not allow you to listen to phone conversations, but will update you on what numbers are being called. Just like Flexispy, activities are sent to the user control panel that only you have access to. MobileSpy is purchased as a yearly subscription of $99.97 or quarterly subscription of $49.97.

Step 4

Buy E-Stealth Bluetooth Spy. E-stealth is considered to be the ultimate spying software for mobile phones, as it uses Bluetooth to spy on any phone with an active Bluetooth connection. Once it has connected with the target phone it will give you the location of the phone every 30 minutes and will also allow you to listen in on conversations, read text messages and see the phone's call log. E-stealth also has a number retrieval feature, which can be used to acquire the numbers saved on a person's phone without the person noticing.


Do not track a phone that you do not own. This is illegal and punishable by the law.

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