How to Transfer a Video From an iPad to a PC

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Transfer a video from the iPad to a PC by treating the iPad like a digital camera. The iPad comes bundled with a connection cable that plugs into the computer's USB port. Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems automatically recognize the iPad as a connected device, so you can import both videos and pictures to Windows Photo Gallery. Once imported, you can view your videos. Due to copyright laws, only personal videos may be transferred.


Step 1

Power on both the iPad and the computer. Connect one end of the iPad connecting cable to the iPad. Connect the other to the computer USB port. The computer automatically recognizes the iPad.

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Step 2

Click "Import Pictures and Videos using Windows" in the "AutoPlay" dialog box.

Step 3

Type tags for the imported pictures and videos, as an optional step. Click the "Import" button.


Step 4

Wait for Windows to import the iPad videos. Once complete, Windows Photo Gallery automatically opens.

Step 5

Click "All Pictures and Videos" at the top of the left-hand menu in Windows Photo Gallery. Click "Videos" to see the imported video.