How to Transfer Data From One Wireless Phone to Another

By Anthony Smith

Thanks to technological advancements, cell phones today allow you to store large amounts of important information. When you want to get a new phone or give data to another cell phone user, you'll need to transfer the data. Your options for doing so depend on what cell phone you have and which carrier provides your service.

Step 1

Take both phones to a branch store of your cell phone carrier. Often they can "flash" the data from one phone to another. This is a common request, and they will know exactly what you need.

Step 2

Check whether both phones have removable media cards. If so, you can move the data from the first phone to the media card, and then simply put the card in the second phone to access the data. If the media cards are of a different format, you may be able to buy a card reader for your computer, move the data from the first phone to the computer, then move it to the media card for the second phone.

Step 3

Check any CDs that came with the phones. These often contain a utility with instructions that allow you to transfer the phone's data to a computer and then to another phone.

Step 4

Ask your service provider if it offers a back-up service. Verizon Wireless, for example, has a service called Backup Assistant that saves a copy of all the contact information that's on your phone. You can replace your phone and have all the contact data still available to you. As of August 2010, Backup Assistant is included with Verizon Wireless service at no charge.

Step 5

Look for infrared ports (IP) on the phones. Many PDA-style phones have them. This feature enables you to set the phones next to one another and literally beam data from one phone to the other.

Step 6

Check if the phones have mini-USB ports. If so, you may be able to connect the phones and transfer data that way.

Step 7

Email the data files from one phone to the other if the phones have email capabilities.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make it a habit to back up your cell phone data to a removable media such as an SD card on a regular basis. If your phone gets broken or lost, you'll have an easy time restoring the data on a new phone.