How to Transfer Images From Finepix to a PC

Transferring images from your Fuji FinePix camera to your computer is a crucial skill to learn if you own a FinePix camera. Learning how to use your camera in conjunction with your computer will open up new avenues such as image re-touching and archiving. Once you have the images on your computer, you can also share them on the Internet and in emails.

Step 1

Install your Fuji FinePix camera software and drivers on your computer. These should be located on a CD-ROM that came with your camera. If you need help with this process, look for the directions or documentation that came boxed with your camera.

Step 2

Plug your camera's included USB cable into the camera's data port. Find an open USB port on your computer and plug the other end of the camera cable into it.

Step 3

Turn your camera on. Windows will pop up a box asking you what to do. Scroll down until you find the option to "Copy pictures to a folder on my computer." Select this option and click "OK." Windows will now load the Scanner and Camera Wizard.

Step 4

Click "Next" in the wizard. Choose which pictures to copy from your camera by check-marking the boxes on the right-hand corner of each picture. Once you've selected the pictures you want to transfer, click "Next."

Step 5

Type a name for this group of pictures in the first box. This will be the sub-folder name within the "My Pictures" folder. Click "Next." The images will copy to your computer.

Step 6

Choose what else you want to do with these images. You have three options: publish the pictures to a web site, order prints from a photo-printing web service, or nothing else, which is clicked by default.

Step 7

Click "Next." In this last page of the wizard, you'll be shown how many pictures were transferred and a link which will show you your pictures within the "My Pictures" folder. Click the link to view your pictures, or click "Finish" to close the wizard.

Step 8

Turn off your camera and unplug the USB cable from the computer. Put your camera and cable away in a safe location.