How to Transfer ROMs to an iPhone

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The iPhone is a cell phone and media device all in one. In addition to the games available in the Apple App Store, owners of jailbroken iPhones can use a Nintendo emulator to play vintage video games on their phone. A ROM is a computer file of a video game, allowing the game to be played on a computer-based device rather than on a video game console. In order to play a NES game on your iPhone, you need to purchase an emulator, download a free FTP client and transfer your games (ROMs) to your iPhone.


Step 1

Download an FTP client to your personal computer. Once the software is downloaded to your computer, install the program by opening the executable file. Follow the software prompts to install the software. FTP software allows you to access the files and folders on your iPhone. There are several free iPhone file browsers such as WinSCP, iPhoneBrowser and i-FunBox.

Step 2

Connect your iPhone to your personal computer using your iPhone USB cord.

Step 3

Open the FTP software on your personal computer. Navigate the iPhone file system by opening the folders "VAR," "Mobile" and then "Media."


Step 4

Create a new folder in the "Media" folder. Name this folder "ROMs."

Step 5

Copy and paste your ROMs from your personal computer to your "ROMs" folder. Close the iPhone file system browser and unplug your iPhone.

Step 6

Open the emulator on your iPhone. The ROMs are now loaded on your device.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone

  • FTP client

  • Nintendo emulator

  • ROMs


Downloading ROMs you don’t own is considered pirating software. Legally, you can only use ROMs for games where you physically own the NES cartridges.