How to Transport a Flat Screen TV

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Flat screens or flat panel televisions have some of the best pictures available in televisions, but they aren't cheap. With high-quality models sporting price tags of thousands of dollars, flat screen televisions should always be protected in transit. It's easy to damage a flat screen during transit, and repairs can be expensive, but by following a few simple guidelines it's easy to move a flat panel television.


Step 1

Carefully remove the television from its wall mount or stand. Have at least one, but preferably two friends hold the TV while you take it from the wall, or have two people lift the TV from its stand simultaneously and place it on the floor.

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Step 2

Hold the television upright if it does not have a stand. This is an especially important step for plasma televisions, as lying a flat panel television on the floor can cause a process called delaminating, which can permanently damage the television.


Step 3

Wrap the bubble bubble wrap around the television several times and heavily tape it in place. It's hard to overdo this step, so just keep wrapping the television until you are sure it's been overwrapped.

Step 4

Cut panels to size out of your large pieces of cardboard, and tape them around the entire television. This adds stability to the wrapping, and will help prevent scratches in transit.



Step 5

Carry the television, always with two people, slowly to the transport vehicle and secure it in place. Do not simply put the television onto a car seat, as it is likely to fall once the car is moving. Strap the television tightly to prevent any movement.

Step 6

Unpack the television and remount it in its new location. Be careful to cut only the wrapping around the television and do not use blades close to the television screen. Keep your friends around as extra hands to help move and hold up the television at all times.



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