How to Troubleshoot a JVC Television

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JVC televisions are equipped with jacks for making simple connections to a home theater system, a computer and personal audio-video devices such as an iPod. The company's high-definition widescreen models are designed specifically for home theater applications that require connecting multiple components and external speakers. If something goes wrong with your JVC TV, there are a few steps to follow troubleshoot the problem.


Step 1

Check the power and all component connections to the JVC television. Lack of sound or image could be merely a loose audio-video cable.

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Step 2

Verify the input on the TV is set to the proper source. For example, if your Blu-ray player is plugged into the Video 1 jack, but the input on your JVC is set to Video 2, you will not see the Blu-ray screen on the TV.


Step 3

Check your TV settings against the settings on your cable box, satellite receiver, DVD recorder or TiVo to make sure the TV is set on the correct channel. Accidentally changing the TV station can make it appear as if the TV is not working.

Step 4

Re-calibrate the JVC set using your remote control. If the colors, contrast, brightness and other settings are off, the image will appear dark and murky. If the problem persists, chance are the difficulty is with your cable or satellite provider.



Step 5

Check the timer function on your JVC if the power is cutting off unexpectedly. Most JVC televisions feature a programmable timer that allows you to switch the set on and off at predetermined times. If the timer function has been activated by mistake, the television will turn on and off for no apparent reason.


Step 6

Replace the batteries in your remote control and check your distance from the JVC television if the remote control stops working. On JVC sets, the remote must be within 25 feet of the TV to work.




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