How to Troubleshoot a ProScan TV

By Art Corvelay

ProScan TVs are affordable solutions for people looking to purchase a high-definition television. They are primarily LCD TVs. Like any other television or electronic device, ProScan TVs can be prone to technical problems. Before you take your television in for repair, you can follow a few troubleshooting steps that may solve your problem.

Step 1

Secure the video cable properly from your television to your television receiver. Video cables are often the yellow cable on component cables. If you are using HDMI cables, the video and audio are combined in one input.

Step 2

Secure the audio cable properly from your television to your audio receiver. Audio cables are often the red and white cables on component cables.

Step 3

Turn off any appliances that may be in close proximity with your television. These may cause interference with your signal. Appliances like coffee makers and computer monitors can cause interference.

Step 4

Change audio settings manually if you are having trouble hearing or balancing your audio output. To do this, navigate to the "Audio" > "Equalizer" setting on your television and change the settings manually.

Step 5

Perform a hard reset on your television by turning off the television, unplugging the power cord, waiting 1 minute and plugging the power cord back in.

Step 6

Check that closed captioning is not turned on if you are experiencing a black screen on your ProScan TV. Turn off the caption display by selecting it from the "Options" menu.

Step 7

Press the "TV/VCR" button on your remote control if you are experiencing no picture. This button will allow you to toggle between TV and VCR screens and may solve your display problem.

Step 8

Make sure that your television is plugged into a live power outlet if your TV won't turn on. If it is plugged in, check the batteries in your remote control to see if they need to be replaced.

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