How to Troubleshoot a ProScan TV

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How to Troubleshoot a ProScan TV
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A ProScan TV is subject to many of the same problems as other brands. Channel-changing problems, screen-display issues and general glitches happen on occasion. Many of these problems are fixable in a few steps, while others require replacement or professional repair.

Check the ProScan TV Warranty

Before you touch anything on the ProScan television, check for an active warranty. Warranty coverage means you may be eligible for a repair or replacement. The warranty is most often purchased during the checkout process, and it typically lasts for one to three years. The better coverage options include no-fault replacement of problem TVs.

The warranty is typically purchased through the retailer who sells the unit. For example, purchasing the ProScan TV at Best Buy comes with the option to buy a warranty. The warranty service is managed by Best Buy, not the manufacturer.

In many cases, the manufacturer offers a warranty against defects, and ProScan supplies a minimum warranty. It provides a warranty against any manufacturer errors or defects. Any problem that is not a result of the manufacturing process is not covered. An additional policy purchased from the retail seller provides an extra layer of coverage. Check if you bought an extra warranty and use the service if you have protection available.

Run a Power Cycle

The first step in basic troubleshooting is running a power cycle to reset everything. This does not return the television to factory settings, but it clears the short-term memory and fixes temporary problems.

Turn off the television and all other connected devices, including the audio system, DVD player, cable box and anything else hooked up to the television. After turning off the power, disconnect everything from the power outlets or surge protector. Wait for several minutes while all residual power exits the system.

Return all the devices to power and turn everything back on. Check the television to determine whether it works properly. If the same problems exist, and you use a surge protector, power down and plug directly into a power outlet. A failing surge protector can cause problems with your television. If the direct outlet fixes your problem, purchasing a new surge protector should resolve the issue.

Factory Reset Options

A factory reset is often necessary when the power cycle fails. ProScan television models have a reset button. The button is recessed and exceptionally small. Find a paperclip and straighten it out to press the button.

The reset button is typically located near the control panel. It is a pin-sized hole. Insert the paperclip and press down the button. Hold for 15 seconds, and the television triggers the reset process.

Wait for the reset to finish before testing the television. If the problem remains, you have a bigger issue to repair.

Professional Repair

Use the ProScan manufacturer phone number for assistance with persistent problems. You can reach them by calling 1-800-736-6837 to discuss your issue. The customer support team helps with troubleshooting and walks you through resets and other common problems.

If the television has problems with the circuit board and physical electronics, professional repair is the best course of action. The display may also be damaged and in need of repair or replacement. These physical troubles are best addressed by a professional repair service with experience working on televisions.

Check your local area for a TV or electronic repair service and get a quote for the television repair.