How to Troubleshoot a Reset Connection in Firefox

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When Mozilla Firefox is unable to connect to a webpage or server, the error message "The Connection Was Reset" may appear. Cookies store user data or preferences for a specific Web page, while the cache saves images or other data on website so that the page can be accessed faster in the future. Both cookies and cache can cause problems when attempting to connect to a Web page; clearing these settings can stop the reset connection error in Firefox. If the problem persists, your antivirus or firewall may be interfering.


Step 1

Click "Tools," "Clear Recent History" and then select "Everything" from the "Time Range to Clear" drop-down menu.

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Step 2

Check "Cookies" and "Cache." Leave all other items unchecked to preserve browser data.


Step 3

Click "Clear Now" to erase the cookies and cache data. Restart Firefox and then attempt to visit a website.

Step 4

Disable your antivirus and firewall software if the reset connection error reappears. Test Firefox again.



Step 5

Open another browser and attempt to access the page if the error persists. If the problem continues even when using another browser, the website's server could be experiencing problems. Try another website; if the browser can't access the Internet at all, contact your ISP for further assistance.



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