How to Troubleshoot a Rolling Picture on a TV

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How to Troubleshoot a Rolling Picture on a TV. A rolling television picture is a problem that can occur in today's color televisions, just as it did in the old days of the black-and-white reception and rabbit-ear antennas. When the television display appears to scroll from the top to bottom of the screen or visa versa, the TV is temporarily suffering from a rolling picture. Read on to learn how to troubleshoot a rolling picture on a TV.


Step 1

Change channels to see if all available channels are rolling. If all channels are rolling continue, proceed to the next step. If only one channel is rolling, skip to Step 4.

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Step 2

Locate the vertical-hold, or V-hold, button on the television set.


Step 3

Turn the vertical-hold button slowly until the displayed picture slows and eventually stops rolling. If the picture rolling speed increases, slowly turn the vertical hold button in the opposite direction until the picture is still.


Step 4

Call the cable or satellite company if only one channel is rolling. A single-rolling channel signals a reception problem that you can't resolve by simply rotating the V-hold button.




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