How to Troubleshoot a Sanyo HDTV

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Pixelation -- that is, a frozen square-patterned digital image -- as well as analog picture problems may occasionally occur on your Sanyo HDTV. A "No Signal" message may also appear from time to time. You can usually fix these and most other minor issues by using a comprehensive troubleshooting approach.


Step 1

Verify that the TV's power plug is plugged fully into the wall outlet if your TV does not turn on. Check the circuit breaker and replace any blown fuses. Try another outlet if your TV still does not turn on.

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Step 2

Press the "Info" button on the remote control if digital pixelation appears on the screen. This displays signal strength information. Tighten the cable/antenna connections. Change the antenna's height and direction until the signal strength increases. Contact your cable or satellite TV provider if pixelation continues. Request that a service technician inspect the inside and outside cable lines for damage, adjustments or replacement.


Step 3

Press the "Reset" button on the remote control twice if you are not receiving all of your channels. This restarts the channel search feature. Note that a reset erases all of your customized settings.

Step 4

Turn on Digital Noise Reduction, or DNR, if digital images show graininess, such as snow or small dots. Press the "Menu" button, then select "Picture/Sound" and "Manual." Select "Digital Noise Reduction," then select "On."



Step 5

Check the sound. Press the "Mute" button once to ensure that it is turned off. Press the "Caption" button and select "Off." Press the "Vol+" button and increase the volume level.

Step 6

Press the "Input" button and select the signal source if a "No Signal" message appears. Tighten all externally connected equipment's cable cords to the TV. Refer to the user manuals for those devices and verify that the settings are correct. For example, the TV's input connections and external equipment's output connections must match. Confirm that you're using the correct cords.



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