How to Troubleshoot a Sony Surround Sound System

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A Sony surround-sound system can be connected to your home-theater setup to provide you with high-quality sound while you are watching television or movies, playing video games or listening to music in your living room. The speakers will be connected to an audio receiver that will allow you to control the device. Sometimes, however, you might have problems with the speaker system. Troubleshooting the speakers and your receiver to fix the problem will not take long.


Step 1

Press the "Input" button on the control panel of your surround-sound receiver to ensure that the device is set to the correct device. The sound will not play through the speakers if the receiver is set to a different device — for example, if you are trying to hear a DVD but the receiver is set to the cable box, you will not hear anything.


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Step 2

Adjust the volume knob on the receiver. If you are not hearing sound through your speaker system, it is possible that the volume knob has been turned down. Turn the volume up to see whether you hear anything from the speakers. If the device you have connected to the system has a volume control, for example a CD player, adjust the volume on this device as well.


Step 3

Check the connections for your devices. Make sure that the audio cables from the device you are trying to listen to through the speakers are properly inserted into the inputs on the back of the receiver. The white and red audio cables should be in the correct red and white inputs and should be pressed in all the way.


Step 4

Check the connections for your speakers. Each speaker should be connected properly to the back of the receiver. The wires should be intact and not frayed. Each wire should be connected to the proper black and red terminal for them to work properly.

Step 5

Press the "Test Tone" button on the remote for your receiver. You will hear a short beep coming from each speaker individually to help you determine which ones are not working properly. If you don't hear anything, press the "Menu" button on the remote to pull up the menu for the receiver on the television. Use the navigation arrows to move up and down in the menu. Select a speaker and press the right button to increase the volume for each speaker.


Step 6

If you still do not hear anything through the speakers, there might be a technical problem with the audio cables from your device or with the receiver itself. Try using a different set of audio cables. If that does not solve the problem, you might have to take in your receiver and speaker system for service.



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