How to Troubleshoot No Picture on Mitsubishi DLP

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In addition to the other products that they make, Mitsubishi is a leading manufacturer of big-screen televisions. Mitsubishi's televisions primarily use digital light projection (DLP) technology to create an image through rear projection. If your Mitsubishi TV is having problems displaying a picture, you will need to troubleshoot it to fix the issue.


Step 1

Check the power connection. Ensure that the power cable is securely connected to a functional wall outlet. If the power cable is connected to a power strip, try to connect the TV directly to a wall outlet to see if the set will power on.

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Step 2

Set the TV to the proper input for the component that you are trying to watch. Press the "Video" button on the remote to change the input channel until you have reached the input channel for the device you are trying to view.


Step 3

Check the lamp indicator light on the front of the TV. If it is flashing yellow, the lamp door is open. Securely close the door until you hear it click into place. If the light is a constant yellow, then the lamp has exceeded its 5,000 hour lifespan and needs to be replaced. Refer to your TV's owners manual for specific instructions on how to replace the lamp. If the indicator light is solid red, turn off the TV and leave it off for at least two minutes. If the there is still no picture, then the lamp needs to be replaced.



Step 4

Check the status indicator light on the front of the TV. If the light is yellow, then the temperature of the TV is too high. Let the TV cool down before operating again or decrease the room temperature. You can also clean the filter on the back of the TV to remove dust and aid in cooling. Refer to the manual for your TV for instructions for your specific model. If the status light is constant or flashing red, the TV is in need of service. Call 1-800-332-2119 or visit to obtain information on servicing the TV.



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