How to Turn a CRT Monitor Into a TV

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Turn an old CRT monitor into a TV with a TV tuner box.

If you have an old CRT monitor collecting dust, you can turn it into a TV for less than the cost of purchasing a new television. Typically, older CRT monitors only have a VGA input, so you'll need a TV tuner box. There are two different types of TV tuners: digital and analog. Digital tuners are capable of receiving HDTV, however, a CRT monitor will not display video in HD, so an analog tuner box is the correct choice. You can typically purchase one online for less than $50.

Step 1

Use the s-video cable (recommended) or RF coaxial cable to connect the cable box to the TV tuner box. If you do not have a cable box, you can plug the RF coaxial cable from the cable jack directly into the TV tuner box.

Step 2

Connect the CRT monitor to the TV tuner box by connecting the CRT monitor's VGA cable to the VGA output jack on the TV tuner box.

Step 3

Turn on the CRT monitor and use the TV tuner box's remote to cycle through the available sources until the picture is on the monitor. The CRT monitor is now ready to be used as a TV.

Step 4

Plug the monitor speaker cable into the audio output of the TV tuner box. If your monitor does not have built-in speakers, you will need to find another audio output source, such as computer speakers or a home theater system.

Things You'll Need

  • CRT computer monitor

  • Analog TV tuner box

  • Cable box


If your cable company has switched to a digital signal, you will need to either purchase a digital TV tuner box or use a cable box. Consult with your cable company for more details.