How to Turn off Subtitles on a Sharp Aquos

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The process for switching off subtitles or captions on your Sharp Aquos television varies depending on the source of the video. When you view a live broadcast with closed captions, your remote is the key to switching off subtitles and captions. For external video sources like DVD and Blu-ray players or game consoles, that device's or media's menu is usually the go-to choice.


Live Broadcasts

Most live broadcasts, both digital and analog, carry a signal containing closed captions, which are decoded by your TV and displayed on-screen as text. In most cases captions are disabled by default and must be activated. Enabling or disabling captions is done entirely from your remote on Aquos televisions.


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Step 1

Press the CC button on your remote to bring up the Closed Caption information display.

Step 2

Press the CC button again to cycle through the caption options. Keep cycling until you reach the desired caption service or OFF to disable captions. The number of options to cycle through depends on how many available caption services are being offered in the broadcast.


External Audio/Visual Input

Captions and subtitles are handled somewhat differently when the video source isn't being broadcast. Devices like DVD and Blu-ray players, video game consoles and streaming media devices generally offer their own in-device or in-media caption and subtitling options, which can be enabled or disabled in that device's settings menu. Since each device varies, consult your owner's guide for specific details on how to enable or disable subtitles and captions.



Open Captions

Some programs offer open captions, which can't be disabled in any way. Open captions are usually encoded directly into the video stream, making them essentially part of the video itself. These captions will always remain on the screen, regardless of any options you set on your TV.




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