How to Turn Off the Logitech Keyboard's "Scroll Lock" Function

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Some Logitech keyboards come with a "Scroll Lock" key. The "Scroll Lock" key is a vestige of the old IBM keyboards. It was used to scroll through text on computers not equipped with a mouse. Few applications, with the exception of spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel, take advantage of the "Scroll Lock" function. Sometimes, "Scroll Lock" may inadvertently become enabled when working in a spreadsheet, for example, and cause problems when attempting to navigate from cell to cell using your arrow keys to navigate. With some simple steps, you can turn the "Scroll Lock" function off of a Logitech keyboard.


Step 1

Navigate to the "Start" menu and type "On-Screen Keyboard" (without quotes) in the Search field.

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Step 2

Click "On-Screen Keyboard" in the search results. The On-Screen Keyboard is displayed.


Step 3

Toggle the "Scroll-Lock" key by clicking the on-screen key labelled "Slk," located on the upper right of the on-screen keyboard between the "Psc" and "Brk" keys. The "Scroll Lock" key has been turned off.





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