How to Turn on the HDMI Port on an HP Computer

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An HP computer is capable of accessing sound from a home audio system via the HDMI port.

The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port on an HP (Hewlett-Packard) computer lets users connect to the sound ports on a high-definition television or to a set of speakers that are part of a high-definition surround sound device. The port is not always active and must be turned on via the computer's sound configuration setting. Once the HDMI port is active, you can adjust the sound to your liking using the computer's volume control or the television/surround sound device's volume control.


Step 1

Click "Start," then click "Control Panel" and "Hardware and Sound." Select "Sound." The Sound dialog box will open. Click the "Playback" tab.

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Step 2

Right-click the "HDMI" device option under the heading "Select a playback device below to modify its settings:" and click "Enable."


Step 3

Right-click the "HDMI" device option again and select "Set as Default Device." A green check mark will appear next to the HDMI option.

Step 4

Click "Properties." Click the "Supported Formats" tab.



Step 5

Select the formats the HDMI television or surround system can decode; a list will appear under the heading "Which of the following formats is your Digital Receiver able to decode."

Step 6

Select the "48.0 Khz" sample rate under the heading "Which of the following sample rates are supported by your Digital Receiver."

Step 7

Click "Apply" and "OK."

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