How to Type 1/2 in Microsoft Word

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If you use Microsoft Word 2010, you have the option of letting Word automatically format any fractions you write in a document. The automatic formatting is convenient, because all you have to do is type the fraction and let Word do the rest of the work. Although the option is enabled by default, you may have disabled it accidentally. Fortunately, all it takes to turn the option back on is opening the options menu and changing two settings in the AutoCorrect options.


Step 1

Open your desired Microsoft Word document.

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Step 2

Click "File" at the top left of the screen, then click "Options."

Step 3

Press and release "P" on your keyboard. Press and hold down "Alt" and "A" on your keyboard to open the AutoCorrect options. Click "AutoFormat as you Type."


Step 4

Click the checkbox next to "Fractions" under the top section labeled "Replace as you type." Click the "AutoFormat" tab. Click the checkbox next to "Fractions" under "Replace."


Step 5

Click "OK." Type "1/2" without quotes. Word should now automatically format it.

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